Thursday, April 8

Travelling without our dog!

When we go out of town, at times we cannot take Yoda with us and we have to send him to a shelter.

There is a great shelter in Chennai - Shekas Dogs  - actually in Kalpakkam run by a very enterprising and sweet couple - Kalavati and Senthil.  (9884009869 / 9884409869)

The pets are housed in about 20 kennels each 15-20 sq.ft. in size. Our initial fear was that Yoda might not agree with spending time in the kennel as he is not used to closed spaces. But our Vet Dr. JP had a different view, "the dogs fear that they might be attacked when they are all kept in one common room... it is better to be in an enclosed space so they are sure that they are safe"

The pets are groomed everyday... (better than what we do at home)... and taken good care of with a daily dose of exercise thrown in. 

The stay there costs about Rs.200-250 per day and is inclusive of food and some tender loving care.

Dr. Jaiprakash (popular as Dr. JP) can be reached at 7 Teacher's Colony Adyar-600020. Phone: 044-24415393

The drive to Shekas is a little complicated if you are not familiar with the place... but you can look at the flying video below to see how to get there... if you want to know only the last mile - forward the video to the 5min marker on the video.


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