Saturday, April 8

Wait For Side

In the year 2000 Prabha and I bought our first car - the Maruti 800 DX AC 5 Gear model. TN 07 L 5818 it was called.

We took delivery on a Friday and accompanied by Prabha's parents did the ritualistic Puja at a 'road-side' temple in Mylapore (Chennai).

By Monday we were ready for the 1st service - we had finished 1000 kms over the weekend.

We decided that day that we will not take public transport - trains, buses or flights, for the next 10 years and 'drive' to every part of India. We have kept to that plan.

Since then we have changed from Goldilocks (Zen) to Chiclet (WagonR) to Guns n Roses (Swift)... our cars :), driven over 300,000 Kms all over India, by ourselves and with friends. We have traversed over mountain passes, through streams, across deserts, on plateaus, along the coast and bypassed cities but our thirst to travel on road in India and the world has not been quenched.

Be it a meeting with a client in Mumbai a wedding in Bangalore, tigers in Bandhavgarh or a gruelling rally like the Raid-de-Himalaya we believe in a 'mantra' by the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau - il faut aller voir - lets go check it out for ourselves.

This blog is a tribute to road travel in India.

NOTE: We have been so busy traveling... not found the time to write about it... will soon start.... however I have written some other stuff (not travel related) at check that out.


  1. Awaiting your tributes to road travel in India...

  2. great...Any reason you chose not to try non maruthi models?

  3. I have tried non-maruti cars and models... I have driven FORD (Ikon and Escort 2001), M&M (Scorpio 2003 and Bolero) and TATA (Indica and Indigo) vehicles... but find that the Maruti (petrol) is the best value for money... Easily serviceable (great network), Maintenance free (for first 2-3 years) and dependable (no major issues till date)


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