Thursday, April 8

Sound on the road

We have several different collections for the car stereo... we have a Sony MP3 player that allows us to carry over 10 hours of music per CD

Slow Music - this is used only while driving in cities... some of this stuff is instrumental (hindi and english), world music, karnatic, hindustani etc... helps to keep the nerves calm... considering the traffic!

Fast Music - useful to makeup time on the highways... the body feels pepped up and keeps the mind active. Radio Jhankaar beats from Worldspace... RD Burman, Disco Deewane... Best of ABBA... Best of Kishore Kumar... Remix collections... in this time of fast music, this list is endless.

Talk Show - This CD comes out only after lunch... at a time when we feel sleepy... especially when we have just had Thayirsadam/Perugannam (curd rice) or Lassi (sweet yogurt shake)... we listen to chat shows, BBC's Just a Minute, Russel Peters / Eddie Murphy stage shows and Audio Books... concentrating on the words eats away the miles on a lazy afternoon on the highway.

FM Radio - we avoid the FM radio stations like the plague (or should I say H1N1 virus)... When I last counted they played 4 songs per hour... that was a mere 20% of the air-time... rest of the time it is just talk... they talk too much.. and have too many 'commercials'. Of course, this whole attitude changes when we enter a city and are eager to listen to the local lingo... how else to link to the local flavour other than listening to these local RJs!

Worldspace - we sometimes carry the worldspace reciever with us. Just tie/fix/tape the antenna to the top of the car (facing straight up) and it will work on the highways... take the audio out into the main car amp and we have a decent commercial free music system. When we cannot do that, we carry the 'recorded' version of the kind of music they play on worldspace (especially Radio Jhankaar's Chai Pani show with Supriya)


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