Friday, April 8

Petrol, diesel or gas

Every time I meet friends the topic ulimately come down to free advice about what car to buy...

Most of them think that since we do so much travel by car I must be driving a diesel car... but sorry to dissapoint them I drive a petrol car (always have)

My argument is simple.. Diesel cars are sold at about 80-100,000 rupees premium over petrol cars (take the Maruti Swift for example VXI petrol is 4.8L while VDI Diesel is 5.6L)

But we have calculated that the 100,000 you pay as a premium will be recovered only over a span of 3 years (in fual cost savings)... we are not accounting for the higher spare-parts costs in diesel vehicles... the same is true about Gas (LPG/CNG) vehicles.

The DICOR/CDRE/CRDI/DDIS - basically fuel injection Diesel Engines (similar to fuel injection petro cars) are now the rage... they are effieient.. but best only when paired with Premium diesel fuel.

If we compare 2 vehicles in the same class on the basis of pick-up from 0-100kmph - the Swift petrol has better pick up (12.3 secs) as compared to a Swift diesel (13.8 secs)... but, you might ask, what is 1.5 sec going to matter in the long run?

Well... when you are overtaking a "Long" truck on the highway ... you will realise!

Eco-nomic or Eco-logical

Another thing that really irritates me is the attitude of the vehicle manufacturers on the concept of being eco-friendly (using LPG/CNG for cars) or eco-nomical (stripped down versions).

When ever they come out with a LPG version (or dual fuel version.. like the WagonR Duo) they make it a point to release only a 'stripped down' version... LXI... no power windows, etc...

If I'm eco-logically concious and want to use cleaner fuels... then does it mean I have to give up on power windows... not really... why do they assume that those who look at cheaper fuels (cleaner fuels) are cheapskates... do not deserve power windows!


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