Tuesday, July 14

Mush Register - in Metro Plus

from The Hindu

In the 16 years we’ve been married, we must’ve been away from each other for only 16 days.

Assisting Revathi in ‘Mitr, My Friend’ took me to the U.S. As he joined me shortly, it turned out to be a brief separation. Considering we work together, it is often assumed that we always share the same wavelength. We are into designing solutions that range from websites to leather bags. He looks at something from the technological point of view. Blame it on his grounding in electronic engineering, he breaks everything down to 0s and 1s.

I look at the aesthetic side of things. We prove the yin yang theory. Whenever we get involved in a project broached by one of us, the other takes care not to be critical.

We combine work with vacation. When we bought our first car, we bid goodbye to buses and trains. We decided to drive wherever we went. When we drive to meet a client in Mumbai, we tend to take a scenic route. On the way back, we stop at a few places to refresh our minds.

Whether it is a long detour or a serious rally, being on the road gives us the rush. After we bought a Maruti Swift, we formed a club for Swift owners. We’ve now put our names down for The Great Driving Challenge (greatdrivingchallenge.com), an event for couples. If we get enough votes, we shall be one among three lucky couples from around India to drive the Mitsubishi Cedia Sport for 3,000 km in ten days. A correction: he will get to drive the Sport. Because he is always at the wheel; I take over only during emergencies.

It’s partly because I am a poor navigator. Another reason is that I can deal with my travel sickness only if I am driving the vehicle.

Sounds like an excuse to be in the driving seat always? But, poor thing, he really suffers from motion sickness.



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